How Much Does NYC Restaurant Insurance Cost?

This is the most asked question online. Every restaurant, bar, tavern, and nightclub is different. I meet with you in person, see what you're about, what coverage you need, and what coverage you have. Then I can answer your question.

Here are 3 ways I get you the best value

1. We don’t work for just one carrier, and sell that company's policies whether it's best for your business or not. If a carrier is not giving us the best offer, we go to somebody else. If you've been with the same carrier for years, and they increase your premium, we go to different carriers to get the best available coverage at the lowest available price.

2. If I wouldn't place my business with a carrier, I'm not going to place my client's business with a carrier. I research all the carriers that I work with before I even place $1 of business with them.  

3.The best way to reduce your premiums is to do an annual review. You may have had the same broker for years, and they've just been rubber stamping your renewal. I see a lot of shortfalls when I review policies.  If you're paying more than you should be or are unprotected, we look for another better option.

Restaurant Insurance FAQs

How much insurance does a restaurant, bar, tavern, or nightclub need?
Every restaurant needs the basics - general liability, workers compensation, and property insurance. Do you need liquor liability, or auto coverage for deliveries? What if an employee sues you for discrimination? How are you going to manage if you have to shut down due to a fire or weather damage?

How much your restaurant insurance costs is based on the answers to questions like these plus your type of operation, size, location, number of employees, and past claims history. Because we insure many restaurant clients, we know how to match your coverage to the way you operate your business.

"Cheap restaurant insurance" is only cheap until you have a claim and find out the limits of your coverage.
Our agents know the best restaurant insurance carriers in the New York marketplace. As an independent agency, we work for you, not the insurance company. We use our relationships with multiple carriers to not only get you the best policy, but make sure your restaurant insurance is affordable.

Contact KJE Insurance to get the right insurance coverage for your operation at the right price whether it is a restaurant, bar, tavern, or nightclub.  We can schedule a conversation via Calendly.

Can you answer these 7 questions?
Are you covered if....?

1. Your business is forced to shut down temporarily?
2. An employee sues you for sexual harassment?
3. You get an ADA complaint?
4. Your computer system is hacked?
5. Your delivery person causes an accident?
6. Customers sue you for making for them sick?
7. A drunk customer assaults your employee?

Not sure? Ask us to find out!

You may think you have the coverage you need - until you find out you don't! We can look at your coverage and tell you whether you are either overpaying or unprotected.

Contact KJE Insurance to get the right restaurant insurance coverage for your operation at the right price.  Or, let's schedule a conversation via Calendly. Or, get a no-obligation quote.

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